Enter Student Information

To determine which schools a student is eligible to attend, you begin by entering information on the student, including his or her address, grade, and program (if any).

1 Click the Street Address field and type the address of the student.

You can enter part of the street name if you are not sure of the spelling and want to select from a list of matching names. (You need to enter the entire house number, though.)

2 Click the Grade field and select the studentís grade. (You can also press the down-arrow on your keyboard to move through this list.)

Grades KA and KP, if present, refer to morning kindergarten (AM) and afternoon kindergarten (PM). Check with the system administrator for information on any other unfamiliar choices. You can select All Grades if you do not want to filter out schools by grade level.

3 Click the Program field (if available) and select the program that the student is enrolled in (if any).

Examples of program options may include Athletics, Band, Gifted Students, and Special Education. This selection allows you to view only schools that provide this program. You can select All Programs if you do not want to filter schools by programs.

4 To filter out schools that do not have a certain school board entry, click the Board field (if available) and select that value. If you do not select a value, Web Query will not filter schools based on board.

5 Choose Go to have the system analyze your entries to find the address, then determine which schools the student is eligible to attend.

If you entered only part of the street name, Web Query will list the streets that match your entry. If you entered the complete address, Web Query will list the schools available to the student according to the information you entered.